Increased Guest Satisfaction...

Increased Guest Satisfaction

Perhaps the greatest benefit that Wine & Dine will bring to your restaurant is the impact it has on your customers. There is now no doubt that being passed an iPad from which to choose your meal, wine and other drinks has a hugely stimulating impact on diners.

Your guests will love flicking through the menu and the numerous high-resolution images of your dishes. They will be grateful for the chance to watch videos while waiting for their fellow guests to decide on their order. Videos of nearby attractions, other facilities in your hotel (if applicable); or maybe a welcoming video by the chef.

Wine & Dine will add a further element of pleasure to your guests' dining experience.

... And Less Frustration

Your customers are able to view exactly what they are ordering, eliminating any confusion when their food arrives. And with the call-waiter function, guests can summon a waiter whenever they want rather than trying to catch their eye. So less frustration and disappointment.

More and Repeat Business

More and Repeat Business

There is real evidence now that restaurants using iPads are getting increased repeat business from their customers. Wouldn't you want to show your friends the great iPad menu feature that you enjoyed recently at a nearby restaurant?

And word of mouth in the vicinity about this differentiated and fun aspect of your restaurant will undoubtedly fuel more custom. Use Wine & Dine to make your establishment stand out in the crowd.

Appeal to Folk of All Tongues (and Stomachs)

With the multiple languages facility, Wine & Dine will help you to draw in foreign-language customers who may have been nervous about struggling with your menu in your local language.

If your restaurant is in a cosmopolitan or tourist-heavy district, this could materially increase your custom.

Increase Revenue per Customer

Customers eat with their eyes. So presenting your dishes exquisitely on the iPad increases your chances of up-selling: whether drawing your guests to your more expensive dishes, or directing them to suitable accompanying side dishes when submitting an order.

Not only will Wine & Dine drive up numbers of covers, it could help to generate more revenue per cover.


If your restaurant is a part of a bigger establishment (e.g. a hotel), or if you have other restaurants in the vicinity, Wine & Dine offers the ideal way to promote these. Videos of such other facilities and restaurants can play a big part in helping you to cross-sell.

Streamlined Ordering

The auto-ordering feature of Wine & Dine provides a range of benefits for those restaurants choosing to implement it.

  • It frees up valuable time of your waiting staff
  • Facilitates faster service, thus Improving table utilization
  • Increases further the satisfaction of your guests - who buzz at the opportunity of whizzing their orders to the kitchen.
  • For those restaurants having Wine & Dine integrated with their POS systems, it means a reduction in system inputs.

Up-to-Date Menus

Using Wine & Dine, your iPad menus will be wholly up-to-date and complete.

  • No need to mention the list of daily specials
  • No need to mention which dishes are not available today
  • If you want to promote a particular dish today at a lower price, your menu can show that
  • No need to use stickers or wait for re-prints if you want to change the prices of your dishes
Once a change is made on the web-based content management system, your iPads sync automatically and instantly.

No Reprinting

And of course, replacement of paper menus by Wine & Dine means no further need for re-printing - when out of date or out of shape. It all adds up to an enhanced dining experience for your customers and reduced costs and increased revenue for your restaurant.