Wine & Dine's Features


Wine & Dine allows each restaurant to customize its iPad menus to reflect the nature and image of that restaurant. This requires no IT involvement and is VERY simple to do. The look-and-feel of the Wine & Dine menu for each restaurant can be completely unique and easily changed.

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    In particular, each restaurant can:

    • Insert its own logo
    • Select its own font
    • Determine the background (wallpaper) used
    • Choose which features are used
    • Select the style of buttons and design elements

    In this way, your iPad menus will appear to be made specifically for your restaurant, and can reflect the experience your restaurant provides.

Structured Menus

Some restaurants have simple menus, while some others have menus adopting a deep heirarchy. Wine & Dine knows that no two restaurants have the same format of menu. So it allows any form and depth of heirarchy. Each restaurant even can determine the names of each category!

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    Main courses, for example, might be categorised as:

    • Meat
    • Seafood.

    And Meat, in turn, might be categorised further into:

    • Red meat
    • Poultry

    (And the Red meat category might even be sub-divided further by Steaks, Other.)

    Another restaurant, on the other hand, might choose to categorise differently; or maybe just have one list of main course dishes.

    This is even more important when considering wines.

    Do you want to categorise:

    • First by colour (red, white, etc)
    • Second by country (France, Spain, Australia, etc)
    • Third by region (West Australia, South Australia, etc)
    • Then by grape (Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, etc).
    • Or by some other sequence of categorisation?

    And each restaurant can determine the names of each category - it's up to you whether to use the name Appetisers or Starters, Main Courses or Entrees, or anything else you like!

Order Submitting

Wine & Dine is not meant to replace your waiting staff. However, some restaurants may prefer to reduce the workload of waiting staff by providing their customers with the facility to transmit their orders electronically to the kitchen. Wine & Dine offers a range of options to enable this.

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    Under the most integrated service, Wine & Dine allows diners to transmit their orders directly from the iPads directly into your restaurant's POS system. (This service is offered at an additional fee, which depends on the complexity involved.)

    Alternative (and usually cheaper) ways by which Wine & Dine can allow your customers to submit their orders from the iPads are:

    • (A) having orders transmitted to a printer in the kitchen;
    • (B) having orders from diners' iPads emerging in email form on a PC - either in the kitchen or at the waiters' base.

    The prices of A and B can found in the Prices section.

    Whichever approach is chosen, Wine & Dine includes a suitable confirmation steps, ensuring that diners don't accidentally order the wrong, or too many, dishes!


Wine & Dine allows you to include numerous videos that may be of interest to your customers. It is completely up to each restaurant to decide which videos to include. Unlike most videos you see on iPads (e.g. through YouTube), these videos run without any buffering issues.

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    This is because all the the content (menus, videos, etc) is downloaded onto the iPads via wi-fi in advance of the meal service - rather than relying on internet transmission at the time.

    It is completely up to each restaurant to decide which videos to include. But ones you may wish to consider are:

    • A welcome video from the proprietor or chef
    • The chef's explanation of his daily recommendations
    • A video of hotel facilities (for hotel restaurants)
    • A video of sister restaurants
    • Footage of the kitchen staff at work, or a kitchen tour
    • Or even a video of a sizzling steak or a fajita dish!

Flexible Menu

Paper menus have always suffered from the disadvantage that they can't be changed until the next re-print. Wine & Dine solves this. Wine & Dine allows the restaurant to make desired changes on the website - which are instantly reflected on all the iPad menus.

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    Here are just some of the situations where Wine & Dine's facility for instant changes are invaluable:
    • Removal of out-of-stock dishes (sold out, not available due to season, etc.)
    • Inclusion of a category called Daily Specials (or just inclusion of these in the main menu sections)
    • Adjustment of prices of dishes, to reflect increased cost of ingredients, your wish to sell particular dishes before the ingredients go off, etc.

Informative / Educational

Wine & Dine allows each restaurant to include as much or as little additional information as it wants. These could include important information about food ingredients, for example to guide vegetarians, vegans or those with particular allergies, eg to nuts or wheat.

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    Some of the types of information that Wine & Dine can support are as follows:

    • Dietary information relating to calories, nutritional content, etc.
    • A potted history of the restaurant.
    • Useful information on what tourists might consider seeing or doing in the vicinity.

Pad-Lock: iPad Stand to Ensure iPad Security

Concerned that your iPads might be stolen?

We have negotiated the very best terms for Pad-Lock, the market-leading iPad stand for use in restaurants.

Pad-Lock has been designed specifically for iPad menus used in restaurants. It allows the following:

  • Movement of each iPad from one table to another - so you don't need to buy an iPad for every table
  • At the table, the iPad is fully secured - only your waiting staff can remove it.
  • When not in use, the top section (including the iPad) is locked into a rack, where all the iPads can be charged and kept safe. No need to remove the iPads from their casings.
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    Special Pricing when ordered together with Wine & Dine:

    • Set of 20 stand bases: US$990
    • Set of 10 iPad stand casings: US$950
    • Charging rack for 10 iPads: US$490.

    Additional costs may apply for packing & postage.

Audio Menu

Wine & Dine also accommodates an audio menu for those guests with poor visibility …. Or reading skills! Best used with ear-phones.

Only the Features You Want

Not all restaurants want to utilise all the features of Wine & Dine - and we are fully understanding of that. For that reason, Wine & Dine has been built in such a way that whether you choose all or some of the features, your iPad menus will automatically arranged as a complete and professional product. So just pick those features that you want to use!