How It Works

On purchasing the Wine & Dine package, you then download the Wine & Dine app onto your suite of iPads, and input into the app the code, unique to your restaurant, which was provided to you by us.

All the information about your restaurant and menu is then input into an easy-to-use secure Wine & Dine webpage - accessible only by you via this site's Customer Login section.

At times pre-determined by you, this web-based administration system would transmit to all the iPads, set up with the Wine & Dine app and your unique password, the information needed for the next meal session (e.g. lunch, dinner, late-night snacks, etc).

In this way, all your iPads are fully ready for your next meal session.

If you need to make changes to any of the content, either before, or after the pre-determined time, no problem. Just visit your web-based administration system, make the change, and then click Up-date. Your iPads will then reflect the change.

Wine & Dine will add a further element of pleasure to your guests' dining experience.