Integration & Installation


Setting Up

Inputting your menus and restaurant information for the first time is very easy with Wine & Dine's intuitive web-based content management system. Create menu categories, set up your menu items and add fields such as images and descriptions.

Using and Making Changes

Making changes is just as easy. Log in again to your web-based content management system and implement the additions and changes you would like to make.

Waiter Functions

In order to support the Order or Call Waiter functions, your waiters need to set the table number on the iPads before handing them out to the diners at a table.

After entering the Settings screen by triple tapping the logo, he needs simply to change the table number that appears on each of the iPads to be handed out.

POS/Printer Integration

POS System Integration

Wine & Dine has been developed to accomodate integration with restaurant POS systems. Integration with the POS system may not be desired by all, but for those who fully realise all the benefits it brings, the rationale is obvious. With POS integration, customers can submit their orders automatically. This not only alerts the kitchen instantly of the orders, but also avoids any further input of orders into the POS system by your staff. (Although we have developed Wine & Dine with this in mind, the ease of integration will vary from one POS system to another. Accordingly, we can only progress integration after we've assessed the IT interface, and agreed a price with you for doing this.) If POS integration is not considered the immediate solution, we offer other alternatives as follows.

Printer Integration

Wine & Dine can readliy be set up so that customers can transmit their orders via the iPads to a printer. The orders generated from the printer will be wholly legible, and with the time and correct table number indicated.

Orders to Your Email

In addition, order transmissions from the iPads can trigger emails serviced at the kitchen. This facility can be used on its own, or as a back-up to the printer integration (for example where the printer's paper or ink runs out).